Friday, 24 October 2003


The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties
think tank and pressure group, has today condemned a proposed EU ban on
so-called “organ transplant tourism” as morally obscene as well as
economically harmful.

Libertarian Alliance Director, Dr Chris Tame commented:

“Individuals have an absolute ownership over themselves and an absolute
moral right to sell their own organs. Moreover, the EU is doing poor
people in the Third World no favours by trying to prevent them from
bettering their economic position by engaging in free trade. British
Labour MEP Robert Evans, who is promoting this ban smears voluntary free
market trade as “exploitation”, but it is only such so-called
“exploitation” that creates – as history and economic science have
conclusively shown – economic progress and prosperity for ordinary people.”

Proposed EU Policy is a Nazi Policy

It is also a cruel and sick joke that while Mr. Evans labels free trade as
“abhorrent”, and claims to defends human rights and dignity, he in fact
endorses the National Socialist (Nazi) view that men and women’s bodies
are not their own property, but the property of the state. Evans thus
calls for a form of nationalisation of our bodies, where people might – or
might not – be allowed to opt out of the state confiscation of body parts
after death, and a policy of state controlled rationing.

It is even more morally obscene that Mr Evans, in his published case for
the ban, seems unable to distinguish between genuine criminal acts – “the
removal of a living organ from a living donor using force, threats or
fraud”, with the moral and decent acts of “the payment, offer or promise
of a financial consideration to a donor”.

Evans Should Apologise and Resign His Post

Mr. Evans is Vice President of the European Parliament’s “Citizen’s
Rights, Justice and Home
Affairs Committee”. His shameful proposal would further destroy real human
rights and justice. He is clearly not a fit person to hold such a
position, and we call on him to do the decent thing – to resign and
apologise for his Nazi proposals.

The EU Death machine

The EU proposals are also a further manifestation of crass hypocrisy. If
the EU genuinely wanted to help the Third World it would end its
protective tariffs against Third World goods – especially agricultural
produce. Such tariffs, according to the recent report of the Brussels-
based think tank, The Centre for the New Europe, lead to an estimated
death of 275 people every hour! (See Note 3 below)

Dr. Tame concludes:

“Not only should this proposed EU ban on free trade in body parts be
opposed, but the existing law against such beneficial transactions in
Britain should also be repealed without delay.”

Dr Chris Tame

Dr. Chris R. Tame is the founder and Director of the Libertarian
Alliance. He is a prolific writer and lecturer on many topics in
sociology, economics, philosophy and the history of ideas. He can be
contacted for further comment at 07957 644519 or by email at

Details of the proposed EU ban, and MEP Robert Evans’s support for
it, can be obtained from Robert Evans MEP: Tell 07785 290546; or from
Helen Kearns: Tell 0478 585281; or by email from

The CNE Report “EU Trade Barriers Kill” can be found at

[Report in pdf form]

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