Sunday, 3 April 2005


The European Commission is another hugely self-interested party as regards the proposed Constitution. The Commission is the body of unelected persons, nominated by national governments, who have the monopoly in proposing European laws to the Council of Ministers under the treaties and who administer the continually existing European Community. Once characterised by French President Charles de Gaulle as “an areopagus of technocrats without a country responsible to nobody”, the Commission stands to gain a great increase in its power if the Constitution should be ratified. The Constitution’s abolition of some 69 further national vetoes would greatly increase the Commission’s functions and the areas it can propose European laws for. The Commission has no role in the ratification of European Treaties, which are a matter exclusively for the Member States and their Governments, the High Contracting Parties, in accordance with their own constitutional requirements. Yet the Commission has decided to allocate many millions of EU taxpayers’ money to propagandize for the Constitution in the Member States, especially those holding national referendums. Individual Commissioners are ignoring the proper restraints of their official positions to make pro-Constitution propaganda.

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