Tuesday, 15 August 2006

96.9% against the Europe constitution in phone-in vote. Germany says NO!

No politician can get around this result! 390,694 BILD readers took part in the great BILD phone-in poll on the Europe constitution. 96.9% said NO! Only 3.1% are for the EU constitution.

If the dead could speak (by Peter Boenisch)
More devastating than the “Non” and the “Nee” is the German “Nein”. According to the BILD poll, 96.9% are against the European constitutional treaty.
This is clear to understand. Annoyance with politics in the nations’ own capital cities. Frustration over Brussels bureaucracy. Nearly 500 page constitutional treaty. Who, apart from the authors, is going to read it?
The American declaration of independence needed only 6 pages and that was sufficient for the multiracial mix USA to become a world power.

390,694 BILD readers voted on Europe!
That’s a fantastic record; nearly 400,000 readers rang in the great phone-in action organised by BILD and RTL television – more than ever before!
The result is a resounding slap in the face for EU politicians; 96.9% have voted against the Europe constitution.