Tuesday, 15 August 2006

The list of EU scandals as reported in BILD: here's how the EU squanders our money

About 100 thousand million euros are being distributed by the EU this year. We Germans pay a fifth of this! About 40 percent of this flows into agriculture – part of this into completely insane projects. BILD is showing in this list what the EU bureaucrats squander our money on. Great Britain premier Tony Blair demands: put a stop to the agricultural subsidies!


900 million euros


promotion of wine-growing, storage and export


322 million euros


wine destruction


… conversion of surplus wine into alcohol i.e. as diesel additive


257 million euros


alcohol export


… premiums to get the alcohol from wine to Africa

3.11 million euros

golf course

supported in Portugal by the EU although there are already 22 courses in the area

916 million euros


for cigarettes that can’t be sold in Europe due to their poor quality

14.4 million euros

anti-tobacco campaigns

the peak of insanity: the EU chucks the money out to warn against tobacco consumption

479 million euros

feta cheese

Danish exporters received millions to export cow-milk feta cheaply abroad (i.e. to Iraq)

346 million euros


premiums for manufactures of croissants and ice-cream so that they don’t use cheap fats

24 million euros


olive oil

preserved food manufacturers grab millions for pickling vegetables and fish in surplus olive oil

6 million euros

yacht harbour

The EU supported “ Havelberg water tourism centre” (Brandenburg, Germany) is used by two boats only but has 90 mooring berths

309 million euros

ghost train

Instead of the planned high-speed train, the diesel locomotive still runs between Athens and Thessaloniki. The money’s disappeared.

10 million euros

luxury airport

EU subsidy for a Spanish airport with fountain and precious stone flooring. Only three jets land there daily.


15000 euros

horse sauna

Support for a horse sauna in Finland because it’s located in a disadvantaged country area


4.6 million euros




In Ireland, a new glass lens factory cashed in although it was clear from the start that the factory makes huge profits


8 million euros




The EU bureaucrats pay special premiums for male cattle – and thus also support the controversial Spanish bullfighting

368 million euros


That’s what the EU spends so that manufacturers prevent surplus tomatoes going rotten and fill them into preserved food cans

1 million euros

silk worms

France cashes in the most to be able to compete against cheap Chinese silk

4 million euros

island road

On the Seychelle islands (La Digue) road builders cashed in on subsidies: for a 4 kilometre stretch of road between two hotels

Further comments quoted from BILD on the above figures.
“Year after year, thousands of millions of our tax money disappear in numerous EU subsidy pots. Our good money evaporates like rain water on a hot stone. The above examples are only the tip of an iceberg. Not to mention the distinct help-yourself mentality of Brussels institutions. It’s the peak of audacity that the EU parliament has nothing better to do – of all times, straight after the failure of the finance summit – than to quietly and sneakily decide upon a parliamentary allowance package of 60 million euros (₤40 million) a year.”

TRANSLATIONS FROM “BILD” NEWSPAPER (Edition dated 22nd June 2005)
(The boulevard newspaper with the largest circulation in Germany)