Sunday, 17 February 2008

A look at the Lisbon treaty

Exposing the revived and renamed EU Constitution

In support of the case for a referendum the Bruges Group is exposing the damage that the Lisbon Treaty will do to our freedom, prosperity and democracy if it is ratified.

The analysis clearly shows that the red lines are little more than a fallacy. It is also shown how the Lisbon Treaty, as well as being profoundly undemocratic, also threatens our civil liberties allowing the EU to take control over our legal system.

The Treaty will also blow a hole wide open in Britain’s borders permitting the EU to take full control over our asylum and immigration policies. It is also shown in our analysis that the EU’s latest power grab will threaten jobs as it will undermine the last vestiges of Britain’s competitive free market, bringing to an end the reforms introduced by Margaret Thatcher. What is more, the Lisbon Treaty will allow the EU to further jeopardise the City of London and endanger UK control over our North Sea oil reserves.

The Government’s claim that the Lisbon Treaty is markedly different from the EU Constitution is refuted by quotes from European leaders which show that the Treaty is essentially the same as the Constitution rejected in the French and Dutch referenda.

Also included in this analysis is a rebuttal of Foreign Office propaganda, which is also being distributed by Labour MPs, which seeks to deny the importance of the Treaty. The Bruges Group obtained these untruths and dissects the pro-EU misinformation.

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