Wednesday, 4 February 2009

EU fishing policy costs UK billions

Food bills have been pushed up by £186 a year as a result of the EU’s disastrous fisheries policy, a report claims today.

It says that the Common Fisheries Policy, which handed Britain’s historic fishing rights to other member states, has cost the UK £2.81billion a year in terms of lost sales, jobs, tax revenue and dumped fish.

The claims were backed by David Bellamy, the TV botanist and environmental campaigner, who offered a scathing assessment of the impact of the 25-year-old policy.

He said the CFP has destroyed 97,000 UK jobs and forced fishermen to dump 880,000 tons of dead fish into the North Sea because it is illegal to land them.

Professor Bellamy, who has written a foreword to the report, which was commissioned by the TaxPayers’ Alliance and Global Vision, said: ‘We are paying billions for a policy that has done huge ecological harm and is pushing cod on to the endangered list.

‘We must put a stop to this man-made catastrophe.’

Dr Lee Rotherham, of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, added: ‘Food costs more in the shops, tens of thousands have lost their jobs and millions of fish are being killed. This scandal must stop.’

By Daily Mail Reporter