"The euro was not just a bankers' decision or a technical decision. It was a decision which completely changed the nature of the nation states. The pillars of the nation state are the sword and the currency, and we changed that. The euro decision changed the concept of the nation state and we have to go beyond that."
~EU Commission President Romano Prodi, Financial Times interview, 9 April 1999 ~

Constitution by the backdoor

The reborn constitution will not be called a constitution, but a basic treaty. But changing the name does not change the content. It is striking that they Holland and France seek to avoid asking the opinion of their people on any new EU treaty. This is also the policy of the favourite candidate for the French Presidential elections, Nicholas Sarkozy. He is the ‘Coup d’Etat candidate’, aiming to adopt a rejected constitution with no new consultation of the people. No more referendums! This is the lesson after the French and Dutch “No.” They had the opportunity to vote yes, which they did not do and now they will not be asked again. More »
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A Question of Peace or War in Europe

In spite of days of controversy, today’s signing of the “Berlin Declaration” went ahead without amendment. The pivot and crux of the controversy is the announcement of an intended replacement for the failed EU constitution which will have the same content under a different title and is to be ratified as quickly as possible. This arrangement has occasioned great displeasure in several European capitals. The most influential German think-tank, the Bertelsmann Foundation, maintains that European unification must be driven forward; the greatly contested EU constitution is to be merely the “point of departure”. More »
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The thrust of the EU integration project is to erode the democracy of the nation States of Europe. Internationalism presupposes the existence of nations. The champions of EU integration are seeking in effect to erode the democratic heritage of the French Revolution – the right of nations and peoples to self-determination – in order to clamp a form of financial feudalism on Europe. Hence democrats in every EU country, whether they are on the political centre, right or left, have a common interest in taking part in the international movement in defence of national democracy against the EU. More »
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European study says EU economy is 20 years behind that of the US

A report published on Monday the 5th of March says that despite the current economic upswing, the EU is still losing ground vis-à-vis its global competitors – ” in particular with its current level of investment in R&D already achieved by the US almost 30 years ago. Also, the EU is on the wrong path to reach the Lisbon goals, being 3.4 years too late with regard to the target 70% employment rate by 2010. In addition, the level of productivity (expressed in GDP per employed) was reached by the US in 1989, the report said. More »
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Is Free Europe waking up?

The philosopher Nietzsche once wrote that “thoughts that come on doves’ feet change the world.” Amidst all the raucous Leftist and Islamist ranting in Europe, one of those silent tidal changes may be on the way. You might not expect a French blog to defiantly wave the American flag, but this one does. Even in the grip of socialism many of the French remember the Enlightenment, when liberty was at least as inspiring as social welfare checks. The Enlightenment gave birth to John Locke and Edmund Burke in England, and Voltaire in France — and ultimately to the American Revolution on this side of the water. Our basic political philosophy comes from that time. Apparently it has not yet been forgotten. More »
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Giving Ministers the power to decide EU crimes and penalty

Government Ministers and the EU to be given power to decide to have Irish citizens fined and imprisoned without any need for Oireachtas permission – a Power grab by the Government and Ministers.The European Communities Bill 2006, which has its second reading in the Dail on tomorrow, Thursday, proposes the most important ever amendment to the European Communities Act 1972. This is the Act which enables Ministerial regulation to incorporate European laws into the domestic law of the State. For the first time ever this Bill would give Ministers the power to agree to an EU-wide criminal code, if that should be considered necessary to enforce EC law in every area of supranational policy. It would give Ministers the power to decide themselves, without reference to the Oireachtas, what penalties should attach to breaches of such a code. To be blunt about it, this Bill proposes to give Ministers powers comparable to those which governments have under dictatorships, where there is no need to consult, not to mind get the permission of, elected Parliaments in deciding what are crimes and penalties.  More »
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EU accused of wasting Palestine aid cash

The EU has paid almost €4 million in bank charges on aid channelled to Palestine in a new “mechanism” set up in order to bypass the militant Hamas party after elections last January. Leading UK charity Oxfam attacked the EU system as an “aid fiasco” after it emerged the lost millions ended up in the coffers of London-based bank giant, HSBC, which wires the transfers.European states are wasting millions of euros of aid to Palestine through this bureaucratic scheme. The way that European aid is currently being delivered is undermining Palestinian basic services and damaging a highly fragile economy,” Oxfam director Barbara Stocking said. More »
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EU threatening parliamentary democracy

Germany’s state of parliamentary democracy is under threat from the European Union which is slowly taking away all the national parliament’s powers, the country’s ex-president has said. More »
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Rumblings of Euro discontent

French and other officials are openly calling for the abandonment of the Euro in the sense of at least re attaining local central bank controls over interest rates. Presently, the ECB sets interest rates for the entire EU region. Believe it or not, there are actually Euro treaty contingencies to allow just that – retaking monetary policy control by nation. Of course, this would cause a lot of inter currency strife as nations compete with interest rate wars in the EU – supposedly having one common currency, but then having different interest rate agendas…basically such a retrograde move by the EU nations would cause a lot of turmoil, and possibly is not even manageable, but could possibly call into doubt the very viability of the Euro. More »
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What is The European Union Good For?

While many think the EU will be a big help in stabilizing Iraq as the situation allows, the EU is nothing close to a super-power. As FSM Contributing Editor Adrian Morgan outlines, the EU came into existence artificially, and seems to specialize in creating thousands of unnecessary regulations. In fact, British citizens are now subject to 200,000 EU regulations, with 2,500 more added annually. Whereas the US has a set of values, all the EU can provide is a labyrinthine bureaucracy that would put Byzantium to shame. Do we need or even want their help? More »
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