"This has been a project for a small elite, a political elite. That has worked - until now - Has it ever been alive, European democracy? That is a very good question."
~EU Commissioner for communication Margot Wallstrom, Daily Telegraph, 14 October 2005 ~

Turkey's Mullahs

Erdogan was in France last week as part of his charm offensive to have Turkey accepted into the European Union. Europe may get more than it bargained for if it accepts into the fold a Turkey under Erdogan’s leadership. More »
27-07-04 | 13:39 |

An uncoupled Europe ahead?

Despite bringing some important benefits, such as free movement of goods, services, capital, and people, the EU faces serious challenges stemming from its redistributive and regulatory nature. Most of the EU budget consists of financial transfers among the member states. Such transfers may work relatively well in homogenous societies, butthey create serious problems in heterogeneous communities. The breakup of European federations, such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, is relevant. Both countries consisted of two or more distinct nationalities and both engaged in resource transfers. More »
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Same old pork barrel politics

Remember those heady days at the beginning of May when we were told rapturously that the “new Europe” will re-energize the old? Well, the notion has collapsed at the first test. What better way to welcome the dawning of the new, 25 member Europe, than to have somebody from the recently joined states as the President of the newly elected European Parliament? In fact, there was an excellent candidate: Bronislav Geremek, a well-known, highly respected Polish dissident and historian, a man who had actually fought and suffered for those European values of freedom, democracy and human rights that the eurocracy keeps talking about. More »
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Eurosceptics have united to form a new anti-Constitution group in the European Parliament – the new group was announced today (29 June).

Eurosceptics have united to form a new anti-Constitution group in the European Parliament – the new group was announced today (29 June). More »
19-07-04 | 13:54 |

The Right Verdict on the Constitution

The task of agreeing a new constitutional treaty for the European Union with 25 countries around the table, all with their own interests and aims, was no doubt a difficult one. Compromise, fudge and imperfection were inevitable. The text that European governments ended up with on June 18th may be, as they say, the best that could be done in such circumstances. Fortunately, however, there is now a chance for those circumstances to be changed: at least ten countries will put the new treaty to their voters in referendums, while the others seek to ratify it solely through their parliaments. Those voters would do themselves, and the European Union, a great service if they were to reject this treaty and jolt governments into coming up with a better version. More »
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Kilroy-Silk: Let's Get Out of Depressing Brussels

Robert Kilroy-Silk stood in the heart of enemy territory today and vowed that he would “get our country back from Brussels”. The newly-elected UK Independence Party Euro MP was in the vast glass and steel European Parliament headquarters in the Belgian capital for the first time. And he made it quite clear he did not like what he saw. More »
27-06-04 | 13:28 |

Building a political Europe

On Tuesday of last week (25 May), The Times published a story headed “Political union should be the EU’s next big project, says Prodi report”. It referred to a “controversial study” entitled Constructing a Political Europe, apparently arguing that the European Union was in crisis and can be saved only by turning it into a fully fledged “political union”, with a European tax, minimum wage and pan-European political parties. More »
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Shock swing towards euroscepticism in European Parliament elections

With most of the results counted, it is clear that smaller, eurosceptic or populist parties have triumphed at the expense of more well-established parties. More »
22-06-04 | 17:12 |

The Trouble With the EU

The reality of this supra-state is far from its putative promise. Based upon the premise that peace and prosperity are somehow based upon increased size and regulatory conformity, what is left of economically viable Europe is threatened by the social and regulatory policies required by the Eurocrats upon entrance to the EU.  Germany, one of the EU’s founding principles, currently exemplifies the interventionist policies that bedevil the existing EU members and threaten to compromise the economies of the new participants. In fact, Germany was the originator of what EU officials call the “European social model,” a model of government control that has wrecked the German economy, and with the increasing size of the EU, threatens the whole of the continent. More »
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On the 3rd of June the Dutch foreign minister Mr Ben Bot held a speech at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He explained the European Union is threatened by falling apart and governments should evaluate whether the Union has not surpassed its original targets. More »
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