"One essential of a free government is that it rests wholly on voluntary support. And one certain proof that a government is not free, is that it coerces more or less persons to support it, against their will"
~Lysander Spooner, No Treason No. II, 1867.~

Wish Fulfillment: The EU Constitution lays down NGOs' ideals in stone

When former French president Valery Giscard d’Estaing was first minted as president of the European constitutional convention, he suggested he might be Europe’s Ben Franklin, a senior figure lending his authority to the process. Now that the draft constitution has been published, he has changed his tune. He now compares himself to Thomas Jefferson, ignoring the inconvenient fact that Jefferson was not present at the drafting of the U.S. Constitution. More »
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David Heathcoat-Amory, a member of the Convention on the Future of Europe, reveals the true meaning of the proposals for a European Constitution. More »
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Economic murder-suicide

On June 3, 2003, the European Commission adopted measures to “tackle harmful tax competition.” If the term “harmful tax competition” sounds to you like an oxymoron, you are thinking clearly. The EU’s measures are designed to make it easier for them to tax savings but, in reality, will largely destroy the small amount of remaining legal savings by EU citizens. More »
02-09-03 | 21:33 |

The European Soviet Union

The previous period has been a very tumultuous one in Europe and likewise in the Netherlands. We have experienced the passing of the Treaty of Nice, with all the misery it contains. A lot of Europeans and especially the inhabitants of smaller countries, like the Netherlands, do not realise that this treaty will inaugurate the end of national sovereignty. Instead of having the discussion about the deprivation of this sovereignty, politicians have downplayed everything by mentioning the necessity of adding other (East-European) countries. It was put in such a manner that whoever was against the treaty, was against the membership of these countries, which appeared to be a strong case of Machiavellianism. More »
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The EU as Trailblazer on the Road to a Global Tax Cartel

In the 20th century, nobody has done more for liberty than Hayek. To the general public he became known through his political pamphlet The Road to Serfdom of 1944. He dedicated it “to the socialists in ALL parties”. In the Preface of the 1966 edition he remarked that the word “socialism” had changed connotation: originally, it meant central planning and ownership of the means of production, now it meant socialdemocratism. Strictly speaking he should have changed the dedication to: “To the social democrats in ALL parties.” More »
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The economic ruin of Europe

The danger for Europe is that the Germans may enter a deflationary spiral, like Japan, and drag the rest of Europe down with them. This is how it might happen: As the German economy gets weaker, the assets the banks hold become less valuable (stocks and real estate) which endangers the banking system and causes the banks to reduce lending, which further restricts the economy, causing prices of assets to fall further. Because the Germans are no longer in control of the central bank, they cannot produce additional money to offset the asset deflation. More »
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Bastiat in Europe

New Year’s Day marked the tenth birthday of the Single Market, which was created to abolish “obstacles to the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital” in the European Union. Ten years after the then European Community approved the initial package of 280 laws harmonising microeconomic policy (not to mention a decade of roughly one legislative proposal per day) the European Union is now considering the harmonisation of macroeconomic policy. More »
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The New Race of Eurosocialists

Cracks are beginning to appear in the forced structure of the European Union. In announcing their objections to France and Germany’s domineering diktat, eight EU members have signaled their opposition to a more dangerous cultural shift that has taken place over the past 50 years. If not brought under control, this shift will erode performance and stifle ambition to the point where the continent becomes a permanent second-class society to North America, Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and, eventually, Russia. More »
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Why all our pigs are having a ball

Farmers throughout the country have 90 days to put a toy in every pigsty or face up to three months in jail. The new ruling from Brussels, which is to become law in Britain next week, is to keep pigs happy and prevent them chewing each other. More »
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EU bureaucrats ban village's swings

A village’s children have had their playground swings taken away because EU bureaucrats say they are too high. More »
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