"...one of the French Presidency's priorities will be to facilitate use of the enhanced cooperation mechanism...The creation of a group of countries which would be the front-runners of those which want to take Europe forward... "
~French President Chirac, At the annual conference in Paris of all French ambassadors, 28th August 2000~

Weak pound adds £3.6bn to UK's EU budget contribution

The falling value of Sterling has added £3.6 billion to the amount the UK Government must pay in to the EU budget over the next three years. This is on top of a trebling of the UK contribution to the EU budget revealed in a Pre-Budget report in November – from £2 billion this year to £6.5 billion in 2011 – figures that were calculated at a time when £1 was worth 1.4 euros. More »
09-01-09 | 18:01 |

EU wastes £2bn each year on 'vain PR exercises'

New research by Open Europe, a think-tank that supports EU reform, has found that so-called European “information” campaigns are one-sided and boast a budget that is bigger than Coca-Cola’s total worldwide advertising account. More »
08-01-09 | 15:44 |

The EU’s plans for 2009

The Bruges Group exposes the policies that the EU wants to force on Europe over the coming year. These latest EU power grabs are the challenges that we must face in 2009 and are coming regardless of the fact that the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty has been rejected in three referenda and has not been ratified. More »
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Farage vs the European Parliament

More »
21-12-08 | 00:37 | 1 comment

European Parliament forces Britain to adhere to EU's weekly limit on working hours

The European Parliament has voted to force Britain to remove its opt-out from the EU’s weekly limit on working hours, striking a blow to the long-sought deal among the member states on the maximum amount of hours Europeans can safely spend at work. Additionally, deputies ruled that there should be in future no exemptions from the currently applied health-and-safety-related cap of a maximum 48-hour working week calculated over a reference period of 12 months. More »
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Last week, after the EU agreed its ‘Economic Recovery Plan’ José Manuel Barroso said “Europe has passed its credibility test”. Yet, the Bruges Group’s detailed examination of the EU’s economic policies in The EU’s Credibility Crunch finds that the European Union has been a major contributor to the economic malaise in Europe and is not a credible body to face the challenges of the downturn. More »
17-12-08 | 15:38 |

Meeting between Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, and members of the Conference of the Presidents of the European Parliament, Friday 5 December 2008, Prague Castle

You mentioned the European values. The most important value is freedom and democracy. The citizens of the EU member states are concerned about freedom and democracy, above all. But democracy and freedom are loosing ground in the EU today. It is necessary to strive for them and fight for them. More »
07-12-08 | 20:39 | 6 comments

McCreevy: Irish No should be respected

Irish EU commissioner Charlie McCreevy has argued that the negative result of his country’s referendum on Europe’s Lisbon treaty should be respected, admitting that the No campaign had won the argument against “the might” of media and most politicians. More »
06-12-08 | 12:27 |

Someone in Brussels should listen to Ireland

The European media has been awash with stories of government excess in electronic surveillance and retention (as well as loss) of personal data. But the European Commission, aided by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has set its sights on not only assisting such excesses, but mandating them. Not so fast, or at least, not so easily, says Ireland. More »
27-11-08 | 21:44 |

The Irish Referendum and Libertas' new European movement

We do not want to see more power given to an organization that has, on so many occasions, shown its contempt for democracy. The contempt was so great that before a single vote was cast in our referendum, the European Parliament voted not to respect the result. That contempt has continued every day since the vote on June 12th. It is a contempt exemplified by a Commission that has continued to plan theTreaty’s implementation in defiance of our democratic voice.That contempt is shown by the Parliament. Its members have called for the investigation of our campaign. They have circulated a Report on the Media. Yet they have never considered calling on the Commission to respect and heed our result. Their view is that any dissent should be crushed. That the voice of the majority be silenced from the airwaves. They believe that self determination is a theoretical right that people can have, but should not use. They believe that Democracy is an more obstacle to be overcome. They act as if they, and not the free peoples of Europe, created our prosperity.We are told that we should give up more and more vetoes in the name of co-operation. This formula, by definition, leads to coercion. More »
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