"There is no Europe without European defence and there is no European defence without Britain."
~French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin, Financial Times, 16 October 2003 ~

The E.U.'s Totalitarian Founding Fathers

Today the 800-year-old British constitution has been fatally undermined, and the British Parliament, against the wishes of the true ‘sovereigns’ (the voters) has delegated the government of Britain to others. Britons have become ‘citizens’ of a European Union, with duties towards and taxable by that supranational power. The British courts now interpret very little of our law, the British people have lost their exclusively British passport and the British Parliament is no longer responsible for 70% of legislation applying to the British people. This emasculation of sovereign Parliaments was recently confirmed by a German Parliamentary Committee which found that 70% of German legislation is now decided by Brussels, not Germans. More »
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German constitutional court to decide on EU treaty complaint

Germany’s highest court is to decide upon a complaint brought by a German MP against the EU’s latest treaty. Peter Gauweiler, who hails from the Christian Social Union (CSU) – part of the governing coalition, wants the country’s constitutional court to decide on the legality of the Lisbon Treaty, currently undergoing ratification across the 27-member European Union. “This treaty weakens democracy in European politics, especially national parliaments’ right to have a say,” Mr Gauweiler’s lawyer told this week’s edition of news magazine Focus. More »
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Referendum bill makes Irish Constitution completely subject to EU

The referendum bill published by the Government makes the Irish Constitution completely subject to the European Union, Libertas Chairman Declan Ganley has said this morning. Referring to a clause in the bill that states that no provision of the Irish constitution will invalidate any measure taken by the European Union, Mr. Ganley said that the Lisbon treaty did nothing to make the EU more democratically accountable while conferring on it absolute supremacy over Ireland. More »
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- ENDING IRELAND’S STATUS AS AN INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN STATE- TAKING AWAY FROM THE IRISH PEOPLE THE RIGHT TO MAKE OUR OWN LAWS- MAKING THE EU CONSTITUTION SUPERIOR TO THE IRISH CONSTITUTION- TURNING IRELAND INTO A PROVINCIAL STATE WITHIN AN EU FEDERATION The two sentences below from the proposed 28th Amendment of the Constitution Bill, which was published yesterday, are the central provisions of what the Irish people will be asked to vote on in the Lisbon Treaty referendum in late May or early June: “The State may ratify the Treaty of Lisbon signed at Lisbon on the 13th day of December 2007, and may be a member of the European Union established by virtue of that Treaty. “NO PROVISION OF THIS CONSTITUTION invalidates laws enacted, acts done or measures adopted by the State that are necessitated by membership of the European Union, or prevents laws enacted, acts done or measures adopted by the said European Union or by institutions thereof, or by bodies competent under the treaties referred to in this section, from having the force of law in the State.” Please copy these two sentences, forward them to others and make sure that you inform your friends and neighbours about them and what they mean for themselves, their children and future generations of Irish people. Anthony Coughlan More »
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Responding to News that Irish MEP Proinsias De Rossa joined a large majority of MEPs in voting to reject a motion that committed the EU to ‘respecting the outcome of the referendum in Ireland’, Libertas President Declan J. Ganley issued the following statement: ‘Today’s vote is absolute confirmation that the EU Parliament is committed to ignoring the will of the people. By a majority of 499-129, the Parliament has sent a message to the Irish people to say ‘we don’t care what you think’. I condemn Proinsias De Rossa absolutely for this vote, and I urge him to give an explanation to the people who elected him. This Treaty is designed to remove as much power from the people as possible, and today’s vote confirms the mindset behind it. More »
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Local UK polls show 88% want referendum on EU treaty

Local polls conducted in the UK have shown that 88 percent of voters would like a referendum on the EU treaty, according to campaign group I Want a Referendum (IWAR). More »
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UK Liberal leader calls for vote on EU membership

Nick Clegg, leader of the British Liberal Democrats, the UK’s third biggest political party, is calling for a referendum on the country’s EU membership, in a bid to end a “crazy” debate on Europe and on a new Lisbon treaty among British politicians. He is planning to file an amendment this week to a Lisbon treaty bill currently before the British parliament, demanding an “in or out” referendum, UK papers have reported. Mr Clegg argues that in the ongoing parliamentary discussion in Britain, “pro and anti, Europhile and Eurosceptics [are] trading blows about the Lisbon treaty in grand rhetoric that obscures the facts.” “If you’re pro-European, like I am, you’re accused of being a sell-out. If you’re anti-European, like most of the Conservative party, you’re accused of being a headbanger,” Mr Clegg comments in UK daily the Guardian on Monday (25 February). He argues Britain should finally decide – through a popular vote – if it wants to be in the European Union or not. More »
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Germany Launches Fiscal Attack on Liechtenstein

In a remarkable display of fiscal imperialism, the German government sent spies into Liechtenstein and bribed a bank employee to provide confidential records about German account holders. Unfortunately, this sleazy act of aggression was successful, leading to a series of high-profile raids by German authorities. This has created quite a kerfuffle in Europe, and it should come as no surprise that the bureaucrats at the OECD are using the controversy to push their anti-tax competition agenda. More »
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Chicken Run

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Adieu to the Evil EU

The French may have spurned the European Union’s Constitution for the wrong reasons, but overall their instincts were sound. That the pro-free market Dutch have seconded the non vote with a resounding nee ought to give pause to the collectivist superstate’s illiberal American supporters, the most notorious of whom are concentrated in the Bush State Department and National Security Council. More »
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