In the darkest days of the Cold War, in the early 1950s, the international broadcast station Radio Free Europe started broadcasting to the Soviet-occupied and Soviet-controlled countries of Europe. Its mission was – and still is – ‘simply to tell the truth’. “The broadcasts were to bring listeners objective news, discussion and commentary in order to give them the information they needed to form sound judgments about their situation and their aspirations for freedom and independence.

Now that the communist threat of the Soviet Union has moved to the scrap heaps of history, we Europeans are faced with a new threat to our Liberty. That threat is not coming from a harsh, iron fisted, totalitarian regime, but from what best can be described as ‘soft totalitarianism’, directed by legions of bureaucrats with their centre of gravity lying in Brussels.

Although history has proven that society at large is not ‘makable’ and that ideas and governing models are best tried out in open competition, this is far from where the European Union is heading. Instead, its bureaucrats are focusing on making Europe more ‘uniform’, killing free competition and innovation in the process. The EU is not heading towards a free, open society, but towards a closed, inward looking fortress, controlled by a bureaucratic elite running amok.

FREE EUROPE and its website were founded by a diverse group of individuals to inform the general public of the consequences of being controlled by a growing Super State. It is not aimed at reforming the EU in a ‘better direction’ – we feel this is a lost cause – it is aimed at bringing the EU down all together. If there is ever going to be a ‘European Constitution’ worth the paper it is written on, its first amendment should read that countries, regions and individuals have ‘the right to secede’.

FREE EUROPE is not in any way associated with political parties, organizations or companies. We feel the freedom of the individual comes first – a view shared by Classical Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians alike.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! If you feel sympathy for our cause, if you are likewise worried of the growing EU bureaucratic apparatus and its rulings, let us know! Send us your ideas and writings. Help set up FREE EUROPE sections in your own language. Link to us from your website, wear our FREE EUROPE t-shirts or donate money to help us cover our costs. This is the World Wide Web, we CAN make a difference…!